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ERRIN Facility

The ERRIN Facility is a reserved budget of €2 million that can be allocated to activities addressing return-related challenges in a short timeframe. Members identified four priority areas for the funding: 1) Outreach and pre-departure counselling; 2) Gov2Gov cooperation; 3) Innovative approaches towards re-integration; 4) Integrated return management. Only public bodies of ERRIN Member States are eligible to apply. Funding is allocated by the Management Board after internal assessment.

“Reach Out!” First project approved under ERRIN Facility

The first project approved under the ERRIN facility, "Reach Out!" will look at ways of improving outreach to irregular migrants in cities.

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More projects coming soon

Joint reintegration programmes

As a core activity, ERRIN provides assistance to persons who return to their countries of origin (‘reintegration assistance’). This is ensured through joint contracting of service providers who provide support and advice to help people get started once back home.