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What we do

Joint reintegration programmes

How does the programme work ?

Through joint contracting, ERRIN partner countries share the services of one provider in each country of return for the delivery of reintegration support packages to returning migrants. The responsible authorities in the ERRIN partner countries provide counselling and referral, and determine eligibility for the programme. Once an application has been approved, the authorities can use the ERRIN contract put in place with the service partner for the delivery of reintegration support.

Who can benefit ?

The programme can assist migrants who have or want to leave, but who do not have the financial or logistical resources to do so. This means migrants without a residence permit to remain, namely: applicants for international protection in the middle of a procedure; asylum seekers who have received a negative decision for their application or whose protection status has been withdrawn, cancelled or expired; or migrants who have never applied for international protection. Returnees can be both voluntary and non-voluntary (according to policies in place in the respective sending country).

Well-designed reintegration services

The service partners work jointly with each returnee to prepare a reintegration plan, within the available grant amount (this differs depending on the sending country). The plan is tailored to take into account each person's situation, needs, and skills. The emphasis is on a return that offers future perspectives to help individuals and families successfully repatriate to their home countries. This can include support to find a job, training course or start a small business, find a place to stay, or in some cases medical or legal assistance (see icons for types of available support).

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Streamlined procedure

Through joint contracting of service partners, all administrative, financial and procurement aspects are consolidated through the programme – reducing administrative costs and producing economies of scale. In some countries, reintegration plans can be activated without validation of the European Partner Institution.

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Projects and activities

In addition to joint reintegration services, ERRIN serves as an innovation hub for members to develop joint projects and improve practices. The aim is to explore shared solutions which will help improve the efficiency of the return process and the quality of support offered to returnees.