Measuring the efficacy of EU assisted voluntary return and reintegration programmes

Quality monitoring framework for reintegration assistance

In partnership with the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Europe, in February 2021, ERRIN launched a project to develop a quality monitoring framework for reintegration assistance. With return climbing high on the European Union (EU) political agenda, the last decade has witnessed a proliferation of Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programmes in Europe. AVRR programmes … Continued

New Reintegration Assistance Tool

RIAT is a unique online platform that simplifies and standardises information exchange around the reintegration process to the best benefit of returnees, service partners and European counsellors. A truly European approach to reintegration assistance calls for a joint, unified information management system. As we have seen in the past, different solutions, financial guidelines and reporting … Continued

Work progressing on digital reintegration case management tool

After two years in development, testing of the Reintegration Assistance Tool (RIAT) started in earnest in Feb­ruary. RIAT is a digital tool designed to support the management of individual reintegration cases and guide counsellors and service providers through the delivery process of reintegration assistance to returnees. Clear and consistent communication between front-line reintegration counsellors and … Continued