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Sustainable Reintegration in Iraq | Piloting alternatives for Iraqi returnees

SRI strives to improve the quality of reintegration assistance and better understand the return dynamics in the Baghdad region of Iraq © ETTC

Return and reintegration of Iraqi citizens currently staying in Europe without a residence permit is a timely question. While many of them receive reintegration assistance once back home, we believe that providing additional training opportunities and understanding the challenges they face upon return can help returning migrants rebuild their lives in Iraq in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner.

The project “Sustainable Reintegration in Iraq” is implemented by the Finnish Immigration Service and ERRIN. The core activity of the pilot is built around tailor-made business training sessions, provided online during the pre-departure phase. Upon the return to Baghdad, complimentary in-person activities are organised for returnees. The objective of the training, run by the local actors in Finland and Iraq, is to increase the returnees’ understanding of the market back home and improve their skills required to start and maintain a successful business. 

To further facilitate Iraqi returnees’ access to the job market, the project will look into innovative ways to support returnees in finding regular employment opportunities in Iraq.

Lastly, while international efforts in terms of research and campaigns largely focus on migration pull factors and prevention activities, little data is publicly available about Iraqi returnees from Europe and activities that target their immediate social circles to ease the landing back in the country of origin. With this in mind, the project features a research study tackling the (psycho)social challenges and potential stigmatisation issues that returnees face upon the return to Iraq. The findings will lay the ground for a future grassroots campaign that could contribute to creating a more enabling environment for Iraqi returnees and contribute a useful insight for the entire community of practice working on the issues of return and reintegration.

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