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New Reintegration Assistance Tool

RIAT simplifies information exchange around return and reintegration © Shutterstock

RIAT is a unique online platform that simplifies and standardises information exchange around the reintegration process to the best benefit of returnees, service partners and European counsellors.

A truly European approach to reintegration assistance calls for a joint, unified information management system. As we have seen in the past, different solutions, financial guidelines and reporting regulations put forward by EU Member States create a wide range of varying requirements for reintegration partners working in the countries of return. 

Developed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), RIAT facilitates the management of information flow around reintegration. It provides a comprehensive overview of a case via a single communication platform, available to all authorised stakeholders. It makes the interaction between service partners and European Member States easier, ensuring that the same data is not entered and processed multiple times. 

RIAT translates case management into three steps: a return application, a reintegration plan and a financial report. This allows to address the needs of the returnee in a holistic way. The system is GDPR compliant and enables consolidation of insightful statistics about the returnees’ journey.

RIAT is accessible remotely in a secure online environment, making smooth a workflow across the continents possible. Currently RIAT is running pilot cases for France, Germany, Belgium and Austria and can be further adapted to the specific needs of respective EU Member States. ERRIN supports EU Member States and reintegration partners on the ground with training, implementation and daily management of the tool.

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Project info sheet

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