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Linking Reintegration and Development | Pilot Initiatives

ERRIN explores networks of referrals to link its reintegration efforts with existing development initiatives © Shutterstock

ERRIN is working on linking its reintegration services with existing development programmes. This way, returning migrants can count on more support, whilst their reintegration journeys are made more sustainable.

ERRIN will set up referral mechanisms, linking partners providing reintegration assistance and development programmes on the ground. In short, we are seeking to collaborate with development aid actors that could provide ERRIN beneficiaries with further support, once they have made use of their reintegration assistance. 

The precise workflows related to the referral process will be defined jointly by all actors involved. Following individual cases and stories of return, the pilot activities will test how to best develop such joint cooperation. This will allow us to identify best practices and possible limitations, and gather elements to lay ground for a future multi-stakeholder project linking reintegration to development. The outcomes of the pilot initiatives, implemented in different contexts of Nigeria and Bangladesh, will be integrated into a set of recommendations on strengthening practical and operational links between reintegration programmes and wider development aid.

The pilot project in Bangladesh is supported by the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

Take a look at the project info sheet to learn more.

Project info sheet