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Capacity Development and Training for Return Counsellors (CADRE)

CADRE aims to step up the quality of counselling in Europe © Shutterstock

The project strives to improve the quality of return counselling provided to third-country nationals in the European Member States.

The concept of return counselling still remains largely undefined among EU Member States. Across Europe, there are different counselling structures, activities and approaches, implemented by a wide variety of stakeholders, ranging from national authorities to international organisations.

Even though return counselling is individual social work where every session varies, the challenges counsellors face in their daily work are largely the same.

Capacity development and training are among the key elements crucial to fully support counsellors in their work. Against this background, “CADRE” aims to improve training practices and capacity development opportunities offered to return counsellors, and contribute to increased harmonisation and quality of return counselling Europe-wide. As the project progresses, special attention will be given to return counselling of victims of trafficking, linking to the results produced by ERRIN PROSPECT.

Take a look at the project info sheet to learn more.

Project info sheet