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AP2016 | Complimentary reintegration support

AP2016 provides complimentary support to migrants returning from Germany and Greece

AP2016 provides reintegration assistance to third-country nationals returning from EU Member States which host bigger numbers of migrants, with a focus on Greece and Germany.  Implemented by the Netherlands, the project offers complementary support for up to 2,000 migrants who decide to return from Germany and Greece, on top of the reintegration slots available within the core ERRIN programme. It partially covers reintegration costs of the returning person, using the ERRIN’s joint procurement services.

Germany (Federal Office for Migration and RefugeesBAMF)
Objectives of the action

In recent years, the number of migrants returning from Germany with ERRIN (previously ERIN) support has significantly increased. To this end, within the framework of AP2016, Germany focuses on the following objectives:

  • Providing approx. 650 additional ERRIN-slots for returnees (flat-rate service fee);
  • Increased funding for 75 business start-ups for people returning to Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, The Gambia and the Russian Federation (a pilot project);
  • Increased funding for the promotion of vocational qualifications for  45 women returning to Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, The Gambia and the Russian Federation (a pilot project).

See more at the BAMF’s website.

Greece (Ministry of Citizen Protection – EDPD)
Objectives of the action

Until now, Greece has not been able to fully benefit from the ERRIN programme. The objective of AP2016 is to support and assist the Greek authorities both financially and with technical expertise, so that Greece can make a greater use of the available ERRIN-funds in the future. In Greece, we aim at:

  • Setting up the Greek AP2016 project team and supporting them with technical assistance;
  • Financing approx. 500 ERRIN-slots (flat-rate service fee + costs of reintegration);
  • Covering interpretation and translation services for Pakistani and Iraqi returnees, identified as the primary targets of the project in Greece, and facilitating return counselling and translation provided by ERRIN service partners in the countries of return.
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