AP2016 | Complimentary reintegration support

AP2016 provides reintegration assistance to third-country nationals returning from EU Member States which host bigger numbers of migrants, with a focus on Greece and Germany.  Implemented by the Netherlands, the project offers complementary support for up to 2,000 migrants who decide to return from Germany and Greece, on top of the reintegration slots available within … Continued

New Reintegration Assistance Tool

RIAT is a unique online platform that simplifies and standardises information exchange around the reintegration process to the best benefit of returnees, service partners and European counsellors. A truly European approach to reintegration assistance calls for a joint, unified information management system. As we have seen in the past, different solutions, financial guidelines and reporting … Continued

Migration Information Centre for Returnees | Ghana

The Government of Ghana had repeatedly called for more ownership in the migration management cycle, especially when it comes to returns from Europe. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) signalled a need for strengthening the capacities of the national administration to assist returnees arriving at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. With this in mind, Germany … Continued

Money Cards for Returnees

ERRIN has been actively working on developing a pilot project on money cards to ensure that returnees are fully supported and have the necessary means to thrive in the most challenging contexts. European countries have traditionally provided in kind assistance to returnees via a service partner in the respective country of return. However, this system … Continued

Linking Reintegration and Development | Pilot Initiatives

ERRIN is working on linking its reintegration services with existing development programmes. This way, returning migrants can count on more support, whilst their reintegration journey is made more sustainable. ERRIN will set up a referral mechanism – a network of partners – working at the intersection of reintegration assistance, provided by our field partners, and … Continued

Return and Reintegration of Migrants in Armenia

Launched in Yerevan in 2018, the first ERRIN pilot project under the Gov2Gov cooperation activity is underway in Armenia. Upon a successful completion of the pilot phase, the project got extended by two years in June 2020. The project Referral Centre for Returnees in Armenia comprises two key elements: firstly, to strengthen the capacity of … Continued

Sustainable Reintegration in Afghanistan | Piloting alternatives for Afghan returnees

Addressing the issue of post-return stigma and creating a local ecosystem for reintegration can generate more opportunities for returnees, improving the sustainability of return and reintegration as a whole. Seven million Afghans are currently living abroad, making Afghanistan one of the key counties of return for most ERRIN Member States. Returning from Europe can create … Continued

Reach Out | Improving outreach to undocumented migrants

The first project approved under the ERRIN facility, Reach Out looks at ways of improving outreach to irregular migrants in urban settings. Return counselling is more than just informing a migrant about the options for return. It is about engaging in dialogue with a migrant on return, supporting their decision-making and trying to solve any … Continued