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Government to Government cooperation

Carel Hofstra (ICMPD) (right) and Armen Ghazaryan (AMS) signing the Memorandum of Understanding © Armenpress News Agency

As a Member State-driven initiative, ERRIN is well-placed to facilitate Government to Government (Gov2Gov) projects. With the first pilot project in implementation in Armenia, work is ongoing to look at expanding the approach to other countries, notably, The Gambia.

More effective cooperation

Reinforcing capacities of authorities in countries of origin shortens the circuit for provision of post-arrival assistance and reintegration support. It also helps the authorities deal with the challenges related to return and reintegration – contributing to the effectiveness of return and reintegration policies and programmes.

Gov2Gov cooperation focuses on two main objectives:

  • Reinforcing institutional capacities of responsible authorities in the countries of origin in terms of the provision of post-arrival assistance
  • Supporting the responsible authorities in practical terms with a view to providing direct assistance to returnees
Strengthening capacity

The first pilot project under the Gov2Gov cooperation activity is already underway in Armenia. The launch of the project took place in the capital, Yerevan, on 8 November 2018.

The project ‘Return and Reintegration of Migrants’ comprises two key elements: firstly, to strengthen the capacity of Armenian state authorities in terms of provision of post-arrival assistance and reintegration; and secondly, to support the state authorities in practical terms in ensuring high quality reintegration assistance for Armenian nationals who return voluntarily or involuntarily from ERRIN member states.

This includes provision of information, referral services, counselling and support. In particular, the project will provide assistance to the Armenian government in arranging professional development and training opportunities for returning migrants, advisory services for setting up a small businesses, provision of medical services and temporary accommodation where required. Up to 400 returnees are expected to benefit.

The Armenian Representation of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is implementing the project, which has an initial duration of two years (July 2018 to June 2020).

A referral centre for reintegration has been established in cooperation with the Armenian Migration Service. Three local counsellors from the project work in the centre, providing support and referral services to migrants returning from Europe.

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