Supporting Vulnerable Groups

ERRIN strives to step up standards of care for vulnerable persons returning to their countries of origin. We do so by enhancing the cooperation between service partners and pre-departure counselling authorities in ERRIN Member States with organisations in third countries that provide post-arrival assistance. Currently, together with Caritas, ICMPD and Idia Renaissance, we are implementing … Continued

Government to Government Cooperation

Through a range of Gov2Gov initiatives, ERRIN works to empower partner governments and give them more ownership in coordinating local reintegration processes of returning migrants. Reinforcing capacities of authorities in countries of origin shortens the circuit for provision of post-arrival assistance and reintegration support. It also helps the authorities deal with the challenges related to … Continued

Improving Return Counselling

The ERRIN network offers a hub for collaboration. Members work together to explore innovative approaches to return and reintegration, and to improve understanding of return dynamics. One important area of exchange is return counselling. To this end, an operational learning cycle on return counselling has been established with the aim of facilitating exchange and pooling … Continued

Linking Reintegration and Development

Beyond the core activity of facilitating post-arrival support (‘reintegration assistance’) to returnees, ERRIN offers hub for collaboration on issues of mutual interest. One key topic is that of improving linkages between reintegration support and existing development programmes. As a first step, within the framework of the ERRIN Working Group on Reintegration and Development, the ERRIN … Continued

Innovative Solutions

ERRIN serves as an ‘innovation hub’ to improve practices, share learning and pilot new approaches to return and reintegration. We invest in knowledge to improve understanding of return dynamics and explore new, innovative solutions to make reintegration journeys more sustainable. Read more about our ongoing projects in the respective sections.