IRARA offers a humane response to displaced people and is committed to helping individuals and families successfully repatriate to their home countries.

Under ERRIN, IRARA supports both voluntary and non-voluntary returnees, delivering solutions that help promote sustainable reintegration by enabling self-development through the promotion of health, education, and social responsibility. Providing a comprehensive returns and reintegration programme for returnees who wish, or need, to return to their home countries after previously seeking to settle in Europe.

IRARA delivers services on behalf of ERRIN either directly via branches of their Belgian NGO in the country of return (Afghanistan) or through their extensive partner network (Somalia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). IRARA partners are directly supported by its Global Operations Centre to ensure quality, consistency, and timely delivery of services. IRARA also has established offices in other countries of return such as Pakistan.

All of IRARA’s professional counsellors (and those of its partners) are nationals of the home countries and have extensive experience in providing advice, support and counselling which is tailored to the needs of the individuals and families. 

IRARA Afghanistan

Nationals of Afghanistan who wish or must return from an ERRIN partner country may be eligible to benefit from the ERRIN programme. Under the programme, IRARA is the contracted service provider for Afghanistan.

IRARA has a registered branch of its NGO in Afghanistan and from the main offices in Kabul it is the local service delivery partner to assist returnees, both voluntary and non-voluntary, with the first steps of their reintegration in Afghanistan. IRARA Afghanistan also has an office at Hamid Karzai International Airport from where their counsellors are able to welcome Returning Afghans. IRARA’s dedicated team are based in the NGO quarter of the City and a dedicated building offers both private spaces and larger group areas for counselling sessions. The local team is made up of nationals of Afghanistan who speak both Dari and Pashto. IRARA also has in-house psychological counselling services.

IRARA in Bangladesh

IRARA collaborate with BRAC for the delivery of the ERRIN programme in Bangladesh.

Established in 1972, BRAC employ over 97.000 staff who provide professional counselling services from a network of offices which are geographically spread across the country to ensure accessibility to all citizens. All of the IRARA professional counsellors are nationals of Bangladesh and have many years’ experience in reintegrating citizens through advice and support for sustainable reintegration, which is tailored to individual needs.

IRARA in Sri Lanka

IRARA partners with Chrysalis to deliver the ERRIN programme in Sri Lanka.

Chrysalis (previously CARE International) is a Sri Lankan social enterprise which is focused on helping citizens resettle and thrive back in their home country. All the IRARA professional counsellors are nationals of Sri Lanka with extensive experience of working with returning citizens and tailoring their advice and support to the needs of the individuals. 

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