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Caritas International Belgium (CIB)

Caritas International Belgium is a non-governmental organisation whose mission is to contribute to a humane and dignified return of rejected asylum seekers and undocumented migrants from Belgium and other European countries who have made an “informed” choice to return to their country of origin. The target group needs to have prospects for building up a sustainable livelihood, hence to become embedded in the society again upon return. To contribute to this, Caritas International provides post return reintegration assistance tailored to the needs of individual returnees through its local partner organisations. These national based partner organisations are mostly non-governmental organisations or consultancy agencies specialized in e.g. business creation and development.

Caritas International Belgium is a partner of the REAB program (Return and Emigration of Asylum seekers ex Belgium) implemented by IOM since 1984, putting forward efforts to support voluntary return. Since 2007, CIB implements the national government program as service provider worldwide in the field of voluntary return. The reintegration team of Caritas International can be contacted by and for anyone who is considering a return. The regional case managers have a lot of experience with the different countries and the local partner organisations. We provide information, but we can also prepare the potential returnees for their return and reintegration.

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