Nationals of Togo who wish or have to return from an ERRIN partner country* may be eligible to benefit from the ERRIN programme. ERSO is the contracted service partner network to assist returnees under ERRIN, both voluntary and non-voluntary, with the first steps of their reintegration in Togo. 

ERSO (European Reintegration Support Organisations) is a network of non-governmental organisations involved in return counselling and reintegration support. The objective of ERSO is to exchange information, collect expertise and develop best practices in the field of return and reintegration. On the ground, respective associates of Caritas International Belgium (CIB), a member of ERSO, are the implementing partners. In Togo, MED (Migration, Economie, Développement) Togo is there to support ERRIN returnees.

Caritas International has worked with MED Togo since 2008 to accompany Togolese returnees from Belgium. The organisation also has experience in assisting returnees from many other European countries, acquired within the framework of the ERSO network.

*Currently Denmark, Finland, Germany and Luxembourg use ERRIN ERSO contracts (this list may be subject to change).

Download the leaflet to find out more details about the support available, procedure to follow and who to contact.

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