The European Return and Reintegration Network is an initiative of 16 European states that helps to ensure that people on the move can return home in a dignified and humane manner. ERRIN is working with local organisations on the ground in 40 countries, offering comprehensive assistance for returning migrants. Following the initial aid provided right upon arrival, the reintegration support may involve support for housing, medical treatment, vocational training and educational needs, or setting up a business.

In Guinea, we work with the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) and the European Reintegration Support Organisations (ERSO) through Caritas.

About the the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII)

The OFII Regional Office in Mali is responsible for reintegration in Guinea, supported by its local partners, ID2S and SECAM. OFII is a French public agency. Part of their work is to assist voluntary returnees. OFII has regional offices covering a wide range of countries, these offices – together with their local partners – take care of persons after their return.

About ERSO – Agence Autonome d’Assistance Intégrée aux Entreprises

The reintegration assistance on the ground is provided by Agence Autonome d’Assistance Intégrée aux Entreprises through Caritas International Belgium (CIB) and the ERSO Network. CIB is a NGO active in reintegration support since 2007. CIB works in close cooperation with partners in Europe, and large parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Caritas International is member of ERSO (European Reintegration Support Organisations). ERSO is a network of non-governmental organisations involved in return counselling and reintegration support. The objective of ERSO is to exchange information, collect expertise and develop best practices in the field of return and reintegration.

Considering going back to Guinea supported by ERRIN?

Ask your social worker or counsellor for details. If you have already returned to Guinea, contact one of our local partners.


The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) – Mali

Landline: 00 223 20 22 50 17 / Whatsapp: 00 223 70 19 70 70 ;

ERSO – Agence Autonome d’Assistance Intégrée aux Entreprises

3 A Entreprises
BP 5488, Conakry

Alternative contact details:
Caritas International
Phone: +32 2 229 36 46

00 224 622 27 46 92 ;

You have a year after your arrival to benefit from the programme. What you might ask for:

When you arrive
Airport pick-up or reception at place of arrival
In-country onward travel assistance
Other basic essentials
Referrals for urgent medical care
Temporary accommodation (max 10 days)
Reintegration assistance
Bespoke assistance for vulnerable people
Business start-up assistance
Job placement assistance
Longer-term housing support
Schooling and language training
Social, legal and medical support
Technical and vocational training