Nationals of Ethiopia who wish or have to return from an ERRIN partner country* may be eligible to benefit from the ERRIN programme. Under the programme, Caritas International Belgium (CIB) is the contracted service provider for Ethiopia. CIB has been implementing the Belgian government voluntary return programme as service provider worldwide since 2007.

CIB works with Caritas Ethiopia as local service delivery partner to assist returnees, both voluntary and non-voluntary, with the first steps of their reintegration in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Catholic Church Social and Development Commission – or Caritas Ethiopia – was founded in 1965 and registered with the Ethiopian government in 2000. Caritas Ethiopia operates at the community and national level. Its primary activities revolve around provision of quality education, humanitarian assistance, emergency aid and food security, water and sanitation, health and HIV/AIDS education, migration and gender equality issues.

Download the leaflet to find out more details about the support available, procedure to follow and who to contact.

*Currently Belgium, Denmark and Germany use the ERRIN contracts in Ethiopia (this list may be subject to change).

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