Nationals of Brazil who wish or have to return from an ERRIN partner country* may be eligible to benefit from the ERRIN programme. Under the programme, Caritas International Belgium (CIB) is the contracted service provider for Brazil. CIB works with Projeto Resgate as local service delivery partner to assist returnees, both voluntary and non-voluntary, with the first steps of their reintegration in Brazil.

Projeto Resgate Association was founded in Switzerland in 2006 with the goal of helping victims of human trafficking. The organisation is now registered both in Switzerland and Brazil, and assists people who are living abroad in difficult conditions, by providing a safe return to their country of origin and supporting their social and professional reintegration. CIB has been implementing the Belgian government voluntary return programme as service provider worldwide since 2007.

*Currently Belgium and UK use the ERRIN contracts in Brazil (this list may be subject to change).

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24 Mai 2019

„Supporting people in challenging circumstances makes me proud to be involved“
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