“In your darkest moments, you need somebody to tell you everything will be fine”

Located in a bustling area of Shantinagar facing Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport, Shankar’s business is much more than just a successful butcher shop. This shop gave Shankar the opportunity to start anew in his home country, when an unexpected turn of events forced him to give up his life in the UK. Shankar* welcomes us … Continued

ERRIN six months on: Q&A feature

Ruben Laurijssens, ERRIN Senior Programme Manager, provides an overview of the first six months of the ERRIN programme. In a nutshell, how would you describe ERRIN? “ERRIN is an initiative that facilitates cooperation between migration authorities, and a joint approach to return and reintegration of migrants, both voluntary and forced. The aim is basically two-fold: … Continued

Annual regional operational meeting held in Dubai

Between 27 and 30 November, representatives from ERRIN Member States, service providers and the PMU met in Dubai for the annual regional meeting. The focus was on ERRIN contracts in Asia. The annual meeting is the only occasion when Member States and service providers meet in such large numbers.  It provides an opportunity for both … Continued