Who we are

The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is a joint initiative of 15 EU Member States and Schengen-associated countries, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (EBCGA / FRONTEX) and the European Commission. The International Centre for Migration Policy Development provides expertise and support as implementing partner.
Operational since mid-2018, ERRIN builds on the earlier ERIN Specific Action Programme. Fifteen European countries currently participate in ERRIN, with membership open to any EU Member State or Schengen-associated country. ERRIN is funded through the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), with co-financing from participating national authorities. The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security (Repatriation & Departure Service) is the lead partner.

Context and challenges

Returning migrants with irregular status to their countries of origin in a humane and sustainable manner is a key part of EU efforts to manage migration. However, it is operationally challenging. Many aspects cannot be addressed effectively on a national level. That is why EU-wide collaboration is needed to improve both return processes, and quality of support offered to returning migrants.


In a nutshell, ERRIN seeks to strengthen cooperation between migration authorities, with the aim of:

  • enabling and improving return and reintegration through joint contracting of service providers
  • serving as an ‘innovation hub’ for members to improve practices, share learning and pilot new approaches to return and reintegration
  • investing in knowledge to improve understanding of return dynamics

Our vision

We contribute to a common European approach on return and reintegration of migrants, leading to more effective and efficient programmes, and ultimately, ensuring better future perspectives for returnees.

Our mission

To achieve this vision, our mission is two-fold: to facilitate cooperation and knowledge exchange between migration authorities, institutional and operational partners, both in Europe and with the countries of return, and; to develop and implement innovative solutions to shared return and reintegration challenges.

Our network

ERRIN Member States – European Partner Institutions

Fifteen European countries currently participate in ERRIN, with membership open to any EU Member State or Schengen-associated country.

Austria Federal Ministry of Interior
Belgium Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
Federal Immigration Office
Denmark Ministry of Immigration and Integration
Finland Finnish Immigration Service
France Ministry of Interior
Office for Immigration and Integration
Germany Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Community
Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Greece Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction
Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Malta Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security - Repatriation and Departure Service
Norway Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
Spain Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security - Department of Migration
Sweden Swedish Migration Agency
Switzerland State Secretariat for Migration
United Kingdom Home Office

ERRIN Programme Management Unit

Activities are coordinated by the Brussels-based Programme Management Unit (PMU). The ERRIN team is led by Senior Programme Manager, Ruben Laurijssens, and is comprised of multinational dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience from national governments, EU institutions and other international organisations, NGOs and fieldwork in the countries where ERRIN is active and beyond.

Strategic partners

The European Commission and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (EBCGA / FRONTEX) constitute the Management Board along with the European Partner Institutions (EPIs). The Board drives the agenda and sets priorities. The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) provides expertise and administrative support as implementing partner.

European Commission

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Operational partners – Service Providers

The ERRIN network is working with four organisations that qualified as service providers to offer reintegration assistance for returning migrants, in currently 16 countries. Caritas International Belgium and IRARA additionally partner with a number of local implementing partners for service delivery in some countries. Read more on our 'Where we work' page.

European Technology and Training Center (ETTC)

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International Returns and Reintegration Assistance (IRARA)

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Women Empowerment Literacy and Development Organisation (WELDO)

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