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Invitation to tender: ERRIN Homecoming project – campaigns creating a more enabling reintegration environment

ERRIN is working on campaigns targeting communities in the countries of origin that can create a more enabling environment for returnees Ⓒ ERRIN / Mobeen Ansari

While the majority of European migration campaigning efforts is focused on prevention, highlighting negative aspects of migration and informing migrants about dangers linked to taking irregular routes, similar activities to date have paid little attention to exploring the other end of migration journeys, namely the post-return settings.

As observed by numerous studies, after landing back in their country of origin many returnees face significant challenges stemming from their immediate environment, which consequently hinder their successful reintegration, reinforcing the sense of failure and distress. These might include exclusion by the family, blaming the migrant for ‘not making it’ or in the context of the ongoing global pandemic – stigmatising returning migrants as ‘carriers of COVID-19.’

To this end, ERRIN is exploring how campaigns targeting the social units crucial for returning migrants can contribute to creating a more enabling environment for returnees through mitigating the issue of stigma associated to homecoming. ERRIN is looking for a service provider capable of conducting research, designing and implementing such campaigns in three operational contexts: Bangladesh, Brazil and Nigeria.

The interested service providers can find all the information on the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily website.

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