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Eyes on Pakistan: Rahat

Rahat in his neighborhood in Sialkot © ERRIN / Mobeen Ansari

Rahat is a glove-maker from Sialkot, with over 20 years of experience in the field. ERRIN, together with our local partner WELDO, assisted him to enter into a glove-making partnership and re-start his life after half a decade spent in Greece.

Few years back both Rahat’s mother and sister were diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was forced to spend all of his savings on their treatment. As his financial situation did not allow him to continue what he was doing and provide for his family, in 2015 he decided to go abroad to look for better opportunities. A long way through Iran and Turkey brought him to Greece. He tried a few different jobs to make ends meet, mainly working as a shoe cobbler. However, having no legal option to stay in Greece, he returned to Pakistan in 2020. Rahat wanted to use his reintegration grant to enter into a glove-making partnership with a friend. With the support from ERRIN, he is now successfully manufacturing gloves in his home-based workshop.

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