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Eyes on Afghanistan: Meet our Partners and Beneficiaries

A man smiling at a little girl.
With the support of ERRIN, Omid started his own business back in Kabul © ERRIN

With the tree short stories from Afghanistan, we invite you to get a unique insight into the work of our partners and beneficiaries on the ground. See how through our cooperation with IRARA, ERRIN support has enabled Nabila, Abed and Omid to start anew upon their return from Europe.


Meet the IRARA Team and Abed: “I hope to continue to learn more about sewing clothes; now I have a profession for my future which allows me to work side by side with my brother.”
The local team of IRARA experts assisted Abed to regain a positive outlook for his future and to partner in a textile business, which is now allowing him to make a living and provide for his elderly father and a wider family.


Meet Nabila: “I hope to see peaceful Afghanistan; a country where my son can grow and continue his education in a safe environment.”
Nabila used her reintegration assistance to invest in a house lease – this will provide a safe and secure home environment for her and her son, being the first step in her getting her life back together. She also told us that her ERRIN reintegration assistance made her feel hopeful and happy again.


Meet Omid: “I was very happy when I returned and saw my children and my parents.”
Having returned to Afghanistan from Germany, Omid is now working in a market grocery store in Kabul, which he became a partner in using his ERRIN assistance. The population and therefore demand for groceries in this area is high, so he hopes that profits will be great. He offers fair rates and free deliveries to some areas, so he has already built up a loyal customer base. He also plans to start university soon and is generally enjoying having a more stable and self-sustaining lifestyle.

Nationals of Afghanistan who wish or have to return from Europe may be eligible to benefit from the support of the European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN). IRARA is the contracted service provider to assist returnees under ERRIN, both voluntary and non-voluntary, with the first steps of their reintegration in Afghanistan.

With a constant presence in Kabul for several years IRARA has been supporting returning citizens of Afghanistan since 2017. IRARA supports reintegration in Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Nangarhar regions. All of the IRARA professional counsellors are nationals of Afghanistan and have extensive experience in providing advice and support for successful reintegration, tailored to individual needs.

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