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ETTC Success Stories: Beyond Business

A man standing in a beauty salon in Kurdistan.
Shaho is one of the ERRIN beneficiaries in Kurdistan © ETTC

Discover the workings of the ERRIN programme through the eyes of our beneficiaries who have returned to Kurdistan

The reintegration assistance offered by ERRIN goes way beyond the development of a small business. Within the programme, returnees can also get help with finding accommodation or get support for their children. The videos below give you an insight into innovative business ideas and other forms of assistance that the ERRIN partner, European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC), offered to our beneficiaries.

Sara | “It is hard when you are not around your relatives”
Sara’s second daughter was diagnosed with autism. While abroad, Sara was missing her family and decided to make her way back to Kurdistan. ETTC helped her to find the right centre to support little Selena’s development.

Shaho | “ETTC encouraged us saying that we were not starting from scratch”
When Shaho and his loved ones came back from Germany, they joined forces to start a beauty business, building on their experience in Europe and a rich expertise running in the family. You can also read their story here.

Fouad | “In the future, I would like to grow the centre to allow more people to benefit from sports”
Fouad, a ping-pong champion, decided to bring his passion back to Erbil and opened a training centre for youth and adults.

The stories have been created by ETTC and reproduced courtesy of the organisation. Visit ETTC YouTube channel to find more ERRIN success stories.

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