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ACE concludes the first round of innovative business training sessions in Afghanistan

Returnees are at the heart of the new approach piloted by ERRIN © ACE

Within the framework of ERRIN-Swedish Migration Agency’s project “Sustainable Reintegration in Afghanistan, the Afghan Centre for Excellence (ACE), our local partner, concluded the first round of innovative business training sessions for ERRIN returnees. Watch the video and download the report below to get an insight into the difference this new approach can make in the lives of people returning from Europe.


Returnees at the business training session conducted by ACE.
Facilitation collaboration between the returnees leads to more innovative business plans © ACE


Key findings:

  • The training sessions have improved psychosocial wellbeing of returnees
    Returnees reported that the training sessions have significantly reduced their stress and anxiety related to “starting anew.” This finding demonstrates that an integration of psychosocial components into reintegration packages can empower returnees to take control over their lives and encourage them to build a new future back home. ACE also suggests that an establishment of returnee support networks on the ground could further facilitate the process, providing the people who share the experience of migration and return with a platform to meet and support each other.
  • The training sessions have boosted returnees’ business knowledge and skills
    The participants have increased their business knowledge by 37 % (from 24 % to 61 %) in the first group and by 43 % (from 26 % to 69 %) in the second group. 29 out of 33 participants have actually decided to change their existing business plans, which is a clear indicator on the positive impact of the training.


Returnees at the business training session in Afghanistan.
SRA project aims at creating a local service delivery ecosystem © ACE

Watch the local actors speak about the impact of the training sessions:

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