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Annual regional operational meeting held in Dubai

Service providers at the regional meeting in Dubai © ERRIN PMU
Between 27 and 30 November, representatives from ERRIN Member States, service providers and the PMU met in Dubai for the annual regional meeting. The focus was on ERRIN contracts in Asia.

The annual meeting is the only occasion when Member States and service providers meet in such large numbers.  It provides an opportunity for both groups to talk about key service delivery topics, such as operational strengths and weaknesses, in-country information, and programme objectives.

In a departure from previous years, the PMU chose to conduct this meeting as a workshop, with participants participating in a series of small, targeted discussions on key topics. This format increased interactivity and resulted in much discussion.  Additionally, the agenda reserved time for bilateral meetings between Member States and service providers.

There was strong feedback from service providers that a number of ERRIN procedural documents and processes need revision.  Service providers require clearer guidelines from Member States and PMU about case management and service expectations, and reintegration assistance plans require greater simplification.

As a next step, the PMU will consolidate all feedback and commence drafting on ERRIN procedural documents in consultation with service providers and Member States.

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