As of 1 July 2022, the European Return and Reintegration Network came to an end. The information on this website relates, therefore, solely to activities in the past. All those activities have been either discontinued or transferred to other organisations (see below). No new activities are or will be developed under ERRIN. 

Its activities relating to joint reintegration were transferred to Frontex; see Reintegration ( Other activities were transferred to the Return and Reintegration Facility under the International Centre for Migration Policy Development / ICMPD; see

Dignified Return

Future Perspectives

Welcome to the ERRIN website! The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is a network of 16 European partner countries, established to facilitate cooperation between migration authorities. Ensuring that migrants can return to their home countries in a dignified and humane manner is an important part of EU efforts to manage migration.

Through better collaboration, we explore joint solutions to help improve the efficiency of the return process and the quality of reintegration support. Most importantly, we strive to improve future perspectives for returnees to start a new life back home.

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Where we work

ERRIN is working with four local organisations, the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) and the network of European Reintegration Support Organisations (ERSO), which offer comprehensive assistance for returning migrants. Following the initial aid provided right upon arrival, the reintegration support may involve support for housing, medical treatment, vocational training and educational needs, or setting up a business. We are currently operating in 40 countries, offering a wide range of services for returnees and implementing innovative projects that aim at improving joint European reintegration practices.

See the map below to find out more about what support is available and who to contact.

ERRIN Partners and Partner Networks
Highlighted countries

Return and reintegration in times of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges in the field of return and reintegration. See what ERRIN field partners and beneficiaries say about the impact of COVID-19 on reintegration journeys in different parts of the world.

Find out more on all the latest developments from the ERRIN network, updates on projects and events, and stories of people who returned to their home country.

ERRIN explained

Follow the reintegration journey of Ade and his family to see how European countries are joining forces under the ERRIN umbrella to help migrants who cannot, or no longer wish to stay in Europe.